Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Turning Ringlets into Big Loose Curls?

I have very tight ringlets, teeny tiny ones, that afre more made out of frizz than anything. I've been straightening my hair every night, by the time I wake up, its really fluffy again, so I do it again, then by the time I get to school its already wavy, by the end of the school day, it is one big pile of straight-ish fluff. I know all the straightening is wreaking havoc on my hair, I condition it for like an hour a day and use heat protection mist, but still. Plus it takes years to do, since my hair is sooo curly. I really want to turn my stupid little curls into big pretty curls. How can I do this without lots of time or heat, and make it stay that way???

thanks in advance

Turning Ringlets into Big Loose Curls?

when i have my hair curly and long i tie it in a tight bun the nite before after it has dries, and i trwirl a couple pieces my self so they were more the end i had my own hair, no heat damage, and looser curls....

Turning Ringlets into Big Loose Curls?

Have you tried a perm? My sister has hair similar to what you are describing and she got one that looked great. It was even pretty carefree. Even though a perm is damaging it isn't anything compared to what you are going through each day! Just go to a good stylist and see what they can do for you (I wouldn't try an at home kit for this one)!

Turning Ringlets into Big Loose Curls?

i have the same hair and i use rollers, not good if you have really long hair though

Turning Ringlets into Big Loose Curls?

This should help you out:

It seems that if we have straight hair, we want curly. If we have curly, we want it straight. Growing up in the seventies, we did everything we could to straighten our hair, even if it meant using the iron! Today, I am presenting you with an easier way to straighten your curls.

* Wash and condition hair.

* Blot dry. Hair should be almost dry when you begin.

* Gather up hair into several sections and secure or clip hair on top of your head. You will be drying the bottom layers first.

* Follow the brush (with your dryer) down the sections of hair as you straighten each section and be sure to keep the dryer moving.

* Take down a new section of hair and proceed as directed above.

* Work your way up the layers until all sections are dry and straightened.

* To curl the ends for a polished look, take your brush and pull the ends under. Finish your styling with a blast of cool air if your hairdryer has this capability.

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